SDEM Erectors provides a full range of water engineering and construction services. We plan, design and install facilities that meet complex drinking water requirements, rehabilitate aging infrastructure through innovative solutions, fabricate and construct water reticulation systems.

In partnership with OEM’s we offer turnkey EPC solutions for the design and installation of water treatment plants.

Our clients include private companies, multinationals and governments.


Water Services

Our water projects scope and capacity includes the following:

  • Turnkey design & installation of water treatment plants
  • Design, supply, prefabrication and erection of distribution piping networks
  • Water Intakes & pumping stations
  • Storage tanks (supply, fabrication & erection )
  • Valves (supply & erection)
  • Associated steel structures (supply, fabrication & erection)
  • Rehabilitation & extension of plants


Featured Water Projects

1. Project: ITAKPE Water Supply (for NIOMCO under DUMEZ). Kogi State.

Services: Studies, supply and erection of two water tanks. Studies, supply and erection of a water pumping station. Studies, supply and erection of a water pipeline.

Period: 1992 - 1993, 2001 - 2003.


Project: Geregu 414MW Power Plant

Services: Fabrication and erection of 10,000m3  raw water tank with associated piping.

Period: 2005 - 2007

3. Project: Ajaokuta Water Supply, under Dumez for ASCL

Services: Ajaokuta Steel Plant – Water Supply Lines (3,800 Tons of Cast Iron Pipes)

Period: 1981 - 1993

4. Project: Jebba Dam Intake under Fougerolle for NEPA. Kwara State

Period: 1979 - 1985

5. Project: Ibadan Water Project (for OSWC under POAT, HYDROKARST and SATOM). Oyo State.

Services: Rehabilitation and Extension of the water supply network. Prefabrication of piping elements.   

Period: 1999 - 2001, 2003 - 2004.

6. Project: Abuja Irrigation and Water Dam.

Services: Manufacture and erection of water intake structure, including their electrochemical appurtenances. Trash rack. Services Deck.

Period: 1983 - 1984

7. Project: Adiyan Water Works: Subcontractor to DEGREMONT, Lagos

Services: Laying of 8km of cast iron pipe and installation of 1000T of mechanical and piping network

Period: 1989 - 1990